Friday, 23 January 2015

Eggfruit Tree

Eggfruit Tree is my latest ongoing illustration project. The tree (first image below) is the seed from which I've begun to make a series of cutaway drawings, showing tiny worlds within each egg.

The first of the series (second below) is called 'Eggfuit I: Her blue eye is an aquarium (at night, swimming sadness).'

The bedroom resembles most of the rooms I have lived in, mainly because I kept looking around my house to get inspiration for objects and posters and things. It ended up being quite music orientated. Below is a list of things that appear/are referred to. Some are personal or won't be recognizable.

Daniel Johnson (peace on destroyed planets), Pavement, Ghost Tropic, The Burryman, Luca, land's end, Love Me Tender, The Sound of Silence, either/or, Dory Previn, Silver Jews, 69 Love Songs, Kaada, Sun, Hunderwasser, Not Even Doom Music, bontempi organ, Dungeness, The Delgados, sacred heart, the Oort Cloud, mango box, lighthouse ornament, melodica, angle-poise, banjo, pearl necklace, volcano.

To see any image full size, right-click and open it in new tab.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Roslin Glen

Lately I've been painting woodland murals at the Scottish Owl Centre. This was meant to be the design for one of them, but I didn't end up using it. 

It's drawn from a photo taken in Roslin Glen. 

dark horse and darling little amonite.

These are a few bits I dug out whilst looking through old work today.
The dark horse one is a collaboration between my friend Hailey and I.
The amonite in a cat basket must be very old indeed (circa 2008 I imagine), since it seems to be drawn in some kind of gel pen, indicating a time before I knew about fine-liners. Dark days, friends, dark days.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Puppet commission

Materials: baby blue-tit wings (cats are cruel), muslin, tea bags, beads, little wooden bead box, fabric scraps.